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Equipment for Loan

Equipment belonging to the Perak Chest Society are for short term loan only.  Members may borrow the equipment from the Secretariat.   An agreement on the use of the machine needs to be signed.  Please consult your doctor.


Two (2) units.

Loan period: 15 days.

Used to deliver bronchodilator medication.

Peak Flow Meters

Five (5) units.

Loan period:  15 days.

Used to monitor asthma control.  Maybe helpful in the diagnosis of exercise induced asthma or nocturnal asthma.

Oxygen Concentrators

Five (5) units.

Loan period:  30 days.

Used to provide supplemental oxygen.

A doctor's prescription is required and a contract form needs to be filled.  Please call 05-241 3130 for further information.  Machines can be collected at 15 Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, 30450 Ipoh (15 Clarke Street).

Home Ventilator

One (1) unit.

Used to provide ventilation support for patients with respiratory failure in HDU or on discharge.

A doctor's prescription is required.