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The Perak Chest Society (PCS) and its officers, executive committee, members, and employees are not responsible in any capacity for, do not warrant and expressly disclaim all liability for any content whatsoever in, and in particular without limiting the foregoing, the accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, quality, appearance, ideas, or products, as the case may be, of or resulting from any statements, references, articles, positions, claimed diagnosis, claimed possible treatments, services, or advertising, express or implied, contained in any PCS publication, all such responsibility being solely that of the authors or the advertisers, as the case may be. All responsibility and liability for any of the foregoing for any claimed injury or damages to any person or property alleged to have resulted from any of the foregoing, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory, and whether or not any claimant was advised of the possibility of such damages, is expressly disclaimed and denied by PCS, its officers, executive committee, members, and employees.   For any possible specific medical condition whatsoever, all persons should consult a qualified health-care professional of their own choice for advice.

This publication's content contains general information, is not intended to be and is not complete, is not medical advice, and does not replace professional medical care and physician advice, which always should be sought for any specific condition. The Perak Chest Society and its officers, executive committee, members, and employees specifically disclaim all responsibility for any liability, damages (actual or consequential), loss, or risk, personal or otherwise, based on any legal theory whatsoever, alleged to have been incurred as a result, directly or indirectly, of the use of any of the material herein.